Philippa Hughes on being uncomfortable and building your life around the things you can’t and won’t live without.

After quitting her job as a lawyer, Philippa turned over a new leaf in starting the Pinkline Project, hoping to catalyze the culturally curious to participate, innovate, engage, and conspire with passion, awesomeness, inspiration, generosity, and ingenuity. Living life to the limits and pushing herself to be uncomfortable, Philippa submerged herself in DC’s art scene and began organizing salons, panels, exhibits, and other art-related events.

Reflecting on her trajectory, she decided to scale Pinkline back and focus more on her own creative pursuits. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, her most uncomfortable experience, yet. Now on the other side of surgery, she speaks on the ephemeral nature of time and seizing the opportunity to focus your life on what really matters.

About the speaker

Philippa is a writer and provocateur who created the Pink Line Project to inspire creative thinking in everyone, to build community and connectivity, and to open portals to art and culture for the culturally curious. Her vision for DC: to change the way people view DC, both residents and visitors. DC is more than just institutions and politics; it’s filled with amazing people doing amazingly creative things using art, technology, and good-old fashioned ingenuity. She has established a reputation for creating inventive and collaborative environments in which people who would not normally have the opportunity to interact with each other gather to experience art and culture in alternative and stimulating ways. She has been a leader in the creative and temporary use of vacant, urban space throughout the city. She left law practice to evangelize the power of art to transform lives.

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