Philip Wood

Hosted at Parisoma

About the speaker

Philip Wood is best known for being the curatorial and creative brains behind the renowned international design and art brand, CITIZEN:Citizen. He is an artisan, entrepreneur, professor and cultural critic whose views on products, design, cra and art have led him across the world, speaking about and engaging with those who see the potential for objects as vehicles for communication. His work has been highlighted as “groundbreaking” and “provocative” and he himself has been cited as “visionary.”

Wood’s approach to the creative fields is one of treating them as mediums more than disciplines. He is passionately involved in tracking their various locations in contemporary culture, whether it be through curation, gallery inversions (where visitors bring their own objects to the gallery), museum shows and, what he has coined, “rogue retail practices”, which are as much cultural interventions as shopping events.

Born in England in 1968, he is married to internationally renowned journalist Tania Ketenjian and currently resides in San Francisco.