Peter Reinhart

June 1, 8:30am - 10:00am EDT. Hosted at The Fillmore Charlotte

part of a series on Craft

About the speaker

Peter Reinhart is the “Chef on Assignment” at Johnson & Wales University here in Charlotte where, for the past 14 years he has taught classes on bread baking, pizza making, and food media production. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Johnson & Wales International Symposium on Bread. Peter is the author of 11 books on bread, food & culture, and, of course, pizza. His most well-known book, The Bread Bakers Apprentice, was the recipient of the James Beard and also the International Association of Culinary Professionals “Book of the Year Award,” and he has also won three other James Beard Awards. His TED Talk on the meaning of bread has been watched by over 900,000 viewers, and he has hosted the video website, for the past 6 years, where he continues to document his never-ending search for the perfect pizza.

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