Paul Ince, speaker, founder of MarketEd.Live. , agency owner and doppleganger presents his thoughts on silence as the last #CMDerby speaker of the. decade !!!

December’s Theme is Silence. “When silence is intentional, it is valuable and restorative.” Our Montevideo chapter chose this month’s exploration of Silence and Dani Scharf illustrated the theme.

About the speaker

Paul Ince (known as BizPaul literally everywhere) is a strategist specialising in marketing conversations. He’s the founder and host of MarketEd.Live His children call him BizPaul and so you have permission to too. In fact, he prefers it – until, that is, he decides he’s only going to be known by an emoji.

With a career in tech-based marketing, it’s no surprise that he’s always looking forward to how developments in technology allow us to communicate more effectively with clients and customers.

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