Overcoming your inner critic with Arjanna van der Plas

November 15, 9:00am - 11:00am PST.

About this FieldTrip

Note: This FieldTrip is at a private home near Dolores Park. Exact address will be sent to registrants the day before the event.

We all have an inner critic: a part of the mind that creates an idea of how we and the world should be that becomes incredibly judgmental when things don’t go according to its plan. Right when it matters most, it turns us into control freaks, people pleasers or procrastinators - the opposite of what we need to live a creative, productive and fulfilling life.

The good news: the better you know your inner critics (they often operate in teams ;)), the easier it is to overcome them. In this workshop, we’re going to discover the triggers, beliefs and impact of your inner critics, so that we can find antidotes that help you reclaim your life.

Attendees: Please bring a pen and paper!

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