With half a dozen examples from the everyday life of visual designers, Ulrike and Chris show for which purposes a prefabricated font is more suitable and when it makes more sense to do a custom lettering. Purpose, that is!

Chris Campe and Ulrike Rausch are the dream team of the international type scene. They became famous for their book “Making Fonts!”, which teaches the basics of type design using display fonts and provides an uncomplicated but well-founded introduction to type design. With easily comprehensible instructions, many examples and practical tips, you will learn how to design individual fonts – tailor-made for your own projects or for clients.

About the speaker

Ulrike Rausch is the founder of LiebeFonts, a type foundry that creates nice fonts and hand-crafted letterings with personality and obsessive attention to detail. Ulrike’s passion for hand-made designs was sparked by a semester of studying painting in Florence, Italy. Her OpenType feature nerdiness plus the obsession for perfectly engineered fonts are the result of few semesters in Luc(as) de Groot’s type design in Potsdam.
When she’s not busy with the next font release, Ulrike enjoys working on custom typefaces for clients such as Monotype, Jung von Matt, Adobe, Westermann, and Erik Spiekermann. Companies like Apple and Adobe consult her regarding the technical aspects of OpenType font features and the support of those in their software. Ulrike lives and works in Berlin, Germany; since October 2019 she’s teaching at the University of the Arts.

Chris Campe runs her studio All Things Letters in Hamburg, Germany. She specializes in lettering, because she couldn’t make up her mind between writing and designing. Chris loves letterforms and language equally and combines the two to create no-nonsense lettering that is both expressive and thoughtful.
Chris studied Illustration in Hamburg and Paris and Visual Studies at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. She is the author of four books on lettering and type design and she was a speaker at TYPO Berlin and TypeCon. Chris teaches at art schools and hosts a lot of workshops. Together with Ulrike Rausch, she is the head of programming for the new »Berlin Letters« festival.

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Internal Voice: "Is the creative morning cancelled?" Us: "No, it isn't." Internal Voice: "Than why are we not preparing?" Us: "It's online this time, everybody in front of their webcams." Internal Voice: "Do you not need me anymore?" Us: ... 😂 — Ulrike Rausch & Chris Campe

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