Allana Taranto, Ben Spear and Jon Lopkin speak on the coworking movement and how it will change the way you do business.

This talk is their first engagement for the One Big Open initiative, which will culminate in a three-month-long pop-up coworking space. In it they’ll define the coworking movement and share their successes: expanding beyond your industry, fueling passion, producing programming, creating community and raising your profile.

This is a new approach to business for a changed economy—learn how you can use it to grow professionally and spiritually.

About the speaker

Allana Taranto, Ben Spear and Jon Lopkin have been working alongside one another and collaborating on project work for over a year.

In addition to shooting wedding, portrait and boudoir photography (Ars Magna Studio), Allana is an accomplished speaker on visual thinking.

Ben has been a brand consultant for over ten years, and counts some of Boston’s most prestigious cultural institutions among his clients (Thinkside).

Jon owns a strategic graphic design boutique for forward thinking leaders (amusegrafik). Their unique partnership has culminated in a project about the unique benefits that space-sharing confers on the passionate creative, called One Big Open.

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