Oh la la - le français! Boost Your French via Armchair Travel

Hosted at Vessel Coworking

About this FieldTrip

Join Freestyle Language Center for an immersive French language refresher. In this short workshop (which includes un café, of course), you’ll rediscover those fabulous French words you might have forgotten. Improve your fluency and ‘cultural IQ’ and have fun with your fellow CreativeMornings peeps.

FLC instructors will lead you on an armchair adventure through food, wine, restaurants, ordering and, of course, the relevant cultural traditions. Whether you are planning to stamp your passport soon, or simply want to impress your date at Chez Nous, these important everyday themes will boost your French confidence. Bon appétit!

This FieldTrip is perfect for someone who has forgotten their high school French, might have done a semester abroad in college or took a few classes once upon a time and wants to re-energize their language skills. If you’re starting from scratch and don’t speak a word of French, this workshop isn’t the best way to begin, but we have many other FieldTrips that will spark your creative flame.

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