Now What? Planning Your 2021 Content Strategy

About this FieldTrip

Even when it seems things are changing every day, having a scalable plan that addresses audience needs will make your content more successful and your day-to-day simpler. We’ll help you understand your audience, and build a simple plan to drive traffic and engage your audience in 2021.

In this FieldTrip we will explore:

- Creating an adaptable content strategy
- Choosing the right social media platforms as your customer’s habits change
- How to source ideas that will resonate with your audience

Why you should attend:

- See how audiences are changing during this time
- Identify content goals for 2021
- Learn how to connect your content to your customer’s values

About your Host
Giselle has worked in digital marketing for over seven years. She manages strategies for on-page SEO, social media, email marketing, and demand generation. She’s passionate about using business as a force for good. Whether it’s through content strategy and communication, team leadership, or corporate social responsibility, her goal is to drive results while making a difference.

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