Nourish the Creator Within: A Mindful Street Art Experience

May 23, 11:00am - 12:30pm EDT. Hosted at City of Saints Coffee (Bushwick)

About this FieldTrip

Unplug for a day with meaningful conversations, an inspiring street art walk, and inviting new ways to connect, play, and nourish your creative side.

You’ll get to gather with like-minded people in an inviting, art-centric coffee roastery, where we’ll enjoy some thought-provoking, interactive Q&A. From there we’ll head out and explore the surrounding walls, featuring dozens of internationally and locally-acclaimed artists. Along the way, I’ll share some artist bios, common street art techniques, and cultural history of graffiti, alongside a mindful breathing exercise to help us all be more grounded and present for each other during the experience.

The M&S Formula (it’s science!)

FEARLESS CONVERSATIONS: We value raw, human connection, in-real-life (IRL). Why? Because people are now more lonely and socially-isolated than ever. Receiving in-person likes gives us a natural dopamine kick that may boost energy levels, motivation/confidence, and even provide us with an overall sense of joy. We want to gather in spaces where we can nourish and be open to self-expression through thought provoking, impactful, and fear-defying conversations. 

MINDFUL ART WALKS: It has been known for centuries that even just 5-10 minutes of mindful breathing or a short walk can alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression also aiding memory, focus, and sleep. A short walk can also reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and improve cognitive functions that support idea-regeneration and better problem-solving.

UNPLUGGED TIME: We encourage guests to set their devices aside and embrace hours offline with their peers. It gives our frontal cortex room to decompress and revisit our screens with more healthy intention. A number of studies have shown that engaging people without taking out a device can help us to become more empathic listeners and indulge in more quality points of connection.

Hope you’ll join this special FieldTrip in Brooklyn!

Did we mention there’s coffee?

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