Nicole Payseur

January 19, 8:30am - 10:00am CST. Hosted at Industrious

part of a series on Anxiety

About the speaker

Once upon a time, a tough, urbane New York litigator took a yoga class. She had been trained as a verbal assassin and used her rapier wit to slice and dice her opponents in Housing Court. Upon completing the yoga class, she immediately fell under a yogic spell of calm, quiet strength. A shift occurred. Instead of leaning on the subtle art of vituperation, she mined new, internal sources of unflappable compassion. At first she did yoga for vanity. Then she did yoga for her sanity. Finally, she began doing yoga for humanity.

Nicole abandoned her legal briefs for a yoga mat full time. For the past eight years, Nicole has used her powers for good to teach yoga and coach entrepreneurs in enlightened business strategies that yield higher profits. She advocates for yoga students to be strong even when they think they are weak. She inspires her clients to leave unfulfilling jobs, pursue PhDs, and become better parents. They save the world by being healthier and happier in their bodies. Nicole Payseur lives by example and helps students make difficult life transitions to live more satisfying lives. The students learn to smile and live happily ever after.

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