Neuroplasticity Resiliency Playshop with Indy Rishi Singh

About this FieldTrip

Attendees will participate in an interactive and immersive educational experience where they will learn tools to manage their stress, improve their immune systems, and boost their nervous systems. They will not only practice these methods, but Indy Rishi Singh will also reveal the science and research that backs these practices. In the end, attendees will experience active and passive forms of meditation to help them with sleep, focus, and self-awareness.

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About your Host
Indy Rishi Singh is a neuroplastician. He presents mindfulness playshops at schools, universities, corporations and law enforcement agencies. Indy has a background in medicine and has developed creative monasteries in Manhattan and the SF Bay Area. Indy is passionate about relieving burnout syndrome and compassion fatigue in corporations and within communities that suffer from it the most.

I’m interested in sharing ways people can be more resilient during a global pandemic. In my opinion, healthier and happier people work better, collaborate better, and make better decisions. I hope this offering inspires many to take control of their health and happiness.