Networking for Introverts Interactive Workshop

Hosted at Flat Iron Arts Building

About this FieldTrip

For introverts, networking can be a challenge. It can feel overwhelming to walk into a networking event, go up to a group of people, and introduce yourself. Many of us prefer to hide behind our screens rather than make in-person connections.

That’s a mistake.

Making connections IRL is crucial to building your network, cultivating a community, and advancing your career. That’s why this networking workshop is designed with the introvert in mind. Attendees will learn: - Best way to start up a conversation - The art of interruption - How to make a lasting impression - 3 things the best networkers always do - How to make a graceful exit

This will be a hands-on, interactive learning experience so participants can try out these skills and receive feedback.

About your Host:
I’ve run a book publicity company for nearly 10 years…and book people are all introverts! I’ve coached hundreds of creative introverts on how to network more effectively and build meaningful connections.

If you’d like to get a sense of what I cover in the training, you can watch this video.

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