Neal talks about making changes and how crossing over often can help you find your path.

For October’s theme Crossover, Neal Sales-Griffin of The Starter League brings us along on a story about his past of changing interests, studies, and activities throughout his life and how that has led him to his current venture. A native of Chicago’s South Side, Neal talks about the complex journey he took to go from an elementary student with problems reading, to a teacher giving classes on coding to students from all over the world. In this motivational talk, Neal shows why making changes often and crossing over has helped him find his way.

The Chicago chapter of CreativeMornings is organized by Kim Knoll & Kyle Eertmoed of Knoed Creative. Follow along with us at @Chicago_CM!

Video by Ben Derico

About the speaker

Neal Sales-Griffin wants to live in a world where everyone can choose to do meaningful work they love every day. As CEO of The Starter League he teaches passionate people how to design, code, and ship web apps that solve problems they care about. When he’s not teaching he’s working on Lantern, an app that helps teachers save time and engage students better. His latest initiative is Starter School, a grad-school program that teaches the design, programming, and business skills to ship a product in 9 months.

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This was one of my favorite CM talks. A lot of generalists like Neal - people who are apparently interested in everything that's going on around them - seem to thrive in education. And, boy, does education need more of them.

Emerson Dameron • October 29, 2014