Nathan Shedroff

Hosted at Chronicle Books Corporate Headquarters

About the speaker

Nathan Shedroff is an Earth-based designer/educator/entrepreneur/author/air-breather. He is best known for his Chinese chicken salad, Venetian caramelized oranges, and Guinness chocolate cake recipes, but only among close friends. Probably, more people worldwide know him for his Concorde collection than for his books or consulting.

This phases him not. He writes, consults, and speaks often on scifi interfaces, sustainable design, design-led innovation, and experience design. This time out, he’ll speak on the nature of meaning in humans and how they can create meaningful experiences for themselves and others. Can you? Yes. Should you? That’s really up to you. Models exist and the process blends well with the current design research/thinking/prototyping process state of the art but not Agile anything.

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