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Born in New Orleans and raised in Sacramento, N’Gina Kavookjian is an artist of all the senses. Together with her husband, she started her first food-based business in 2009 with a catering and full service wedding company, which led to their first brick and mortar restaurant Eight American Bistro in Granite Bay, California.

Combining her unapologetic disposition with a love and passion for service, they opened South restaurant in 2012 where she won the hearts of Sacramentans through some damn good fried chicken. Adding The Quinn boutique and The Good Saint “urban reserve” to her suite of businesses, her goal is to create places where people forget to pick up their phones and simply connect with each other as humans.

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It was the best experience that ever could have happened to us because it was the worst experience that could have happened to us. We needed it to happen because we needed to be humbled. — N'Gina Kavookjian

We live in a society that deems the feminine as a negative—don't be a pussy, stop being a bitch, to be female is to be weak. I was told yesterday that I had balls because of the way that I run our company—a male attribute assigned to my strengths and successfully coding three businesses. Men in business, please understand that this practice is bullshit; it's hurtful, demeaning, and it's not me being a whiny bitch by saying it. — N'Gina Kavookjian

It's hard that even, in 2017, I still have to stomach such archaic bullshit in this industry, and that I have male counterparts that feel that my successes are mere folly of luck, and not what I've done. — N'Gina Kavookjian

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