Movement, Sound and Connection (at The Artist Co-op)

October 4, 7:00pm - 9:00pm EDT. Hosted at The Artist Co-op

About this FieldTrip

We live in a world with increasing distraction and stimulation. Screens everywhere we look and yet we know that some of the most useful information comes from our own bodies. How can you listen to what your body is telling you? How can that information help you to be curious, present and kind?

During this workshop, participants will explore techniques to prevent body disassociation and will be guided through new forms of play. You can expect a sensory journey of syncopation silliness, extended eye contact, interactive sound machines, exercises borrowed from EMDR, tuning meditations, pinky activities, and more!

Please look/ask for Room 1 at The Artist Co-op.

Seraphina and Katie, the leaders of this workshop and friends from childhood, work teaching and performing as musicians and dancers. Just over a year ago, they founded Swing Sundays, a live music and dance night that uses swing dancing to grow community and explore the relationships between self, other, and the environment.

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