Work is not a dirty word

Shannon and Mo believe that being busy and working hard and taking care of business are all actions to be proud of when going at the task the proper way, with conviction and an endless supply of energy. Their Creative Mornings presentation will be all about harnessing the PMA (positive mental attitude) and going after a dream without sacrificing anything along the way. Where these gals come from, work is not a dirty word.

About the speaker

Shannon Martinez & Mo Wyse united while working together creating The Peopleʼs Market in Collingwood and share over thirty years of hospitality, food preparation, cooking, marketing and management experience between them. Martinezʼs award-winning career includes: head chef of East Brunswick Club, The Gasometer Hotel and The Sweetwater Inn, while Wyse, an American, CV includes journalism, cartoon colourist, restaurant management, marketing, business development, TV and large-scale event production. The two own and operate Smith & Daughters, Smith & Deli and many more to come.

Shannon and Mo are committed to expanding and perfecting the dynamic food culture of plant-based cuisine. The two are powered by Positive Mental Attitude and believe their unique product will inspire change. Beginning with a Latin restaurant and bar in Fitzroy, the Smith & Daughters brand intends on infiltrating the grocery/cafe/deli, catering, food truck, and large-scale food production worlds. With unstoppable conviction, these ladies believe their product will reach a new level in food, beverage, presentation, service and design. Taking Care of Business was made famous by Elvis and will be immortalised by Martinez and Wyse.

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