Missy Singer DuMars meets us from her farm in Eden, NY to share the lessons Nature has to teach us about our own inherent creativity.

Missy shares her journey into farming and the farm’s natural lessons as they apply to all of us for any endeavor we choose. She invites us to look more deeply at the choices we make in this challenging time and how to honor our own inherent nature while maintaining awareness to the impact those decisions make on others.

About the speaker

I come from a deep tradition of entrepreneurship and business. As the 4th generation of a family-run business, I grew up with business as dinner table conversation and even started my own as early as the 5th grade! Through college, I went on to theatrical design and found myself working as one of very few women in the male-dominated industry of Corporate Entertainment Lighting, managing multi-million dollar projects including Cirque du Soleil, the Wynn Resort and Celine Dion’s Caesars Colosseum.

At the top of my game in the Entertainment world, I found myself with a successful career but drained and spiritually bankrupt. That is the moment when I walked away from my career, a marriage that was struggling, sold my house, and followed a calling to dive deep into a path more aligned with my values of kindness and nourishment.

From that moment, I moved in to the Holistic community and now have over 20 years experience with counseling, healing, teaching, leading spiritual retreats, and event planning. To those skills, I added a wide range of experience in online marketing including certification as an Infusionsoft Consultant. All of this comes together into my own unique flavor of coaching business entrepreneurs.

In addition to business coaching, I have a beautiful 13-acre farm in Western NY, Crown Hill Farm, from which I help nourish many families in our community. I grow heirloom vegetables, raise heritage poultry and advocate for food diversity and sovereignty. I have a passion for every aspect of food from the seed to harvest to cooking and the final dish.

Be it in business, on the farm, or in my teachings… my work now brings together my holistic experience with my roots in business and connection to the natural world. Nourishment is what drives my curiosity and service– both to support conscious business owners to grow their businesses and to grow food to feed my community – all in a way that feeds rather than depletes. The wisdom of nature that I live within every day comes through in my approach to entrepreneurship thus fostering that nourishment of body, spirit, business and people.

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