Are cities fair? Milota explains the needs of different social groups of citizens and how to work them into city development.

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A Fair Shared City

This month’s lecture will focus on the examination of architecture and urban planning in terms of gender. This allows for uncovering problems of inequality and negligence in urban development. In her lecture, Milota will present the practical examples of gender-sensitive design and planning, the mobility of care in cities abroad, and the possible solutions to the improvement in the quality of Czech and Slovakian urban planning.

Milota acquired her Ph.D. diploma in landscape architecture and she concentrates on urban development in an interdisciplinary context. She is a member of the international festival of urban development, reSITE. During the years of 2013 – 2014, she completed the Fulbright Scholarship program at the City University of New York. In 2015, Milota founded the WPS Prague platform, which supports a fair representation of women in architecture and urban development and focuses on gender-sensitive urban planning. She is also an expert on public spaces, participation, and planning in terms of politics.

As an adviser and researcher of urban inclusion, Milota co-operates with many national and international partners such as the Prague Institute of Planning and Development, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Goethe Institute, Marko & Placemakers, CSO Punkt or Green Foundation. She is a co-author and the main contributor of the EU project Shared Cities: Creative Momentum, which secured co-funding of the project Vivid Square – SNP Square Revitalization.

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