Mikel Stone discusses the importance of learning how to teach yourself.

The 21st century includes the certain knowledge that tomorrow will be uncertain; our days will be marked by rapid change, disruptive technologies, and unreliable economies, in a real sense, the 21st century will be a time of crossover. Being in crossover will be the defining characteristic of all lives expressed in the near future.

To keep up with the pace of the world, to stay relevant despite the bumpy economy and times, to do this will require clever people who can match adaptability with mental flexibility. Our lives will be lived in a time of crossover and likely it will be the same for those that follow us. The most important survival strategy for a world in crossover, the witty answer to this tricky question, is a living culture of autodidactism.

In this session, life-long self-learner Mikel Stone will speak about thiriving in a context of crossover and change through self-directed learning. As a member of the Denver Public Library staff, he’ll talk about the role of the library in cultivating and driving that kind of learning, and how we can all get involved.

About the speaker

Mikel Stone is a small­ time entrepreneur, a lifelong autodidact, and a librarian with Denver Public Library. He is a collector of skills, practical and otherwise; in recent years his eclectic studies have included yogurt making, lacto-­fermenting vegetables, beer brewing, distilling, cheese making, charcuterie, bike mechanics, basic circuitry, urban farming, animal husbandry, food preservation, experimental cinema, carpentry, screen printing, jazz appreciation, soap making, marketing, small business administration, gardening, intellectual property rights, sewing basics, linocuts, religious studies, creative writing, drawing, Denver history and American Sign Language. His current obsession is the 160 square feet Tiny Home that he is building with his wife Lindsey.

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