Mike Maydak

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part of a series on Color

About the speaker

Artist Mike Maydak fuses an impasto impressionism with a graphic comic flair, creating new interpretations of pop culture icons and classic subject matter. Maydak’s work has been published and featured in a variety of avenues, including comic books, magazines, art books, and television.

Artist Mike Maydak started in the sequential art business. Creator of 1782: The Year of Blood, an historical adaptation of frontier life, and Slimbone, a nationally distributed comic strip, Maydak also illustrated a run of Blackbeard Legacy. Turning his attention to “fine art”, Maydak fused an impasto impressionism with a graphic comic flair, focusing on architectural structures and pop culture icons. His work has been recently featured in 2012 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market and on public television stations across the world via his appearance on Bluegrass & Backroads. He is currently working on his art collection book MAYDAK Volume 2. Maydak was the recipient of the Al Smith award in 2007.

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