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For some, music is a weapon. For Michelle, it is mechanism for healing. As a Vocalist, Beatboxer, Songwriter, Producer, Educator, Creative Director, and member of experimental pop band, The Milk Blossoms, she uses her platform to bridge differences through visceral truth-telling and radical self acceptance. She has had the great honor of sharing the stage with some of her personal heroes including: Cocorosie, Michelle Obama, The Swingle Singers, and Ezra Furman. Based out of Denver, Colorado, Michelle does not suffer fools and is slightly lactose intolerant.

About the speaker

“Michelle Rocqet, the multi-talented, beat-boxing soul artist who performs with The Milk Blossoms, is a genuine force of kindness in a scene that can be rife with hyper-competitive petty bores. She models another way of building a music community: one that is based in generosity, hard work and a willingness to lend a hand when it’s needed. Whether she’s playing a benefit show for a nonprofit or working with young people at Youth on Record, she brings a sense of humor and humility to all that she does, and does so damned well.”–Kyle Harris for Westword’s “Five of the Greatest People in Denver’s Music Scene”.

Photo credit: Stephanie Mathena

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