Stressing? Try Stretching. Welcome to Yoga 101.

Even when we’re not in the midst of a pandemic, there’s going to be stress in our lives. We can’t eliminate it – but we can be proactive in dealing with it. Yoga and meditation are two options to embrace. Longtime yoga enthusiast Melanie Lucks was kind enough to take us through a short practice – a step forward in building our stress-fighting toolkit, enhancing our calm and boosting our mood. (Yes, even in 2020.)

About the speaker

Omaha Native Melanie Lucks works at the Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation as their marketing & development manager and has been a volunteer for CreativeMornings since February.

For more than ten years now, Melanie has utilized yoga to focus on mindfulness and to work through anxiety. She started training for her 200-hour yoga certification at Sound Method Yoga in January of this year. Melanie hopes to take the skills she’s learned from her training to introduce new people to yoga, focusing on breath work and mindfulness in an approachable and welcoming environment.

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Yoga is a tool that helps me attempt to keep both feet in the present moment just taking issues as they come day by day and moment by moment, rather than letting things pile up and carrying the weight of the future and the past. — Melanie Lucks

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