The five people whom you are the most surrounded with inform who you become on a daily basis, but what about communities?

Identity is a huge subject that can encompass so many things and that has so much impact in the daily life of non-binary speaker Maxime Beauregard. Their talk will encompass subjects such as a 101 basics on gender identity as well as how community can impact one’s life experience. This talk will inspire you to reflect on how these elements can shape who you are and who you want to be.

About the speaker

Maxime Beauregard is a multi-potential-diverse transgender non-binary nomad traveler that has recently found their home in Calgary. After graduating from the School of Toronto Dance Theatre back in 2016, Max worked in contemporary dance (as a dancer, a choreographer, a teacher), they worked in backstage production (as a stage manager, assistant producer, coordinator, and wardrobe technician), they have done modelling, writing, photography, videography and more. Maxime was nomad since 2017 when they first arrived to Calgary. They started performing with Fake Mustache Drag Troupe in January 2019 as a drag king, Alek Ginger Bend was born. He has performed at Vancouver Pride, Calgary Pride, Montreal, Edmonton and multiple Calgarian stages. Drag King at night, Maxime is during day-time the Facility Administrator of the wonderful creative hub of cSPACE Projects.

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