Maura Gancitano

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People who live in the society of performance are alienated, that is, separated by an authentic part of themselves that they unlearn to inhabit. This is why they enter the vicious cycle of producing and constantly enjoying the content. The continuous race to the accumulation of performance is a drug more and more addictive, but it never makes you feel the fullness of life, the wonder, the sense. How much space is there in our daily life for intimacy, silence, contemplation?

Maura Gancitano is a writer, philosopher and founder of Tlon (event agency, publishing house, theater bookshop, philosophy school). She holds many seminars and conferences concerning her researches about philosophy and imagination, inner search, gender education, literature and projects of innovative territorial liveability. She has published, among other things, essays such as “Malefica, trasformare la rabbia femminile” (Edizioni Tlon, 2016). And with Andrea Colamedici, “Tu non sei Dio. Fenomenologia della spiritualità contemporanea” (Edizioni Tlon, 2016), “Lezioni di Meraviglia. Viaggi tra filosofia e immaginazione” (Edizioni Tlon, 2017), “La società della performance. Come uscire dalla caverna” (Edizioni Tlon, 2018), and “Liberati della brava bambina. Otto storie per fiorire” (HarperCollins 2019).