Matt Taylor and Ethan McLean

August 28, 8:30am - 10:00am AEST. Hosted at Tractor Design School

part of a series on Action

About the speaker

Matt has an abundance of experience in the branded content and TV fields, having worked with brand entertainment for over 12 years. He’s also got a strong background in event management and fashion, so Milkmoney is not only run by a seasoned set of hands, but possibly the most experienced in Australia. 

He’s well known for his on-set group hugs and his flamboyant shirts, but it’s his quick and pragmatic, creative thinking that makes Matt such a great leader of any crew, large or small.  

Ethan has come from a very strong broadcast TV background. His extensive experience as a senior director, and his past life as a senior editor, means that Ethan can tell any story in the most captivating fashion.

Whether he’s shooting surfers from snow covered Canadian sand, directing energetic children on the bustling streets of China, or photographing his little son at sunrise, Ethan tells the perfect tale.

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