What role does placemaking have in serving as a catalyst for success in an entrepreneurial ecosystem, such as the community being fostered with the City of Boston’s Innovation District initiative?

Matt Edlen, a member of the development team at Gerding Edlen, speaks on building the first Innovation Housing project at 63 Melcher in a discussion about Creating an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem from a national and local perspective. Engage in this dialogue to explore the collaborative and social opportunities to connect and succeed in creating a vibrant community of entrepreneurial living.

About the speaker

Green is a color. A nice color. That’s about all people knew it to be when Portland (Oregon) based development firm, Gerding Edlen, decided to “Go Green”. Founded in 1996 by Mark Edlen and Bob Gerding, Gerding Edlen began with the desire to create smart, high quality buildings. Because of a combined love of both the urban and natural landscape, that desire evolved and the company began to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of their development. Over the years they have emerged as a key leader in highly sustainable urban development. With over 50 LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) projects, more than any private developer in the country, the firm has led the charge in the creation of sustainable, vibrant places across the nation.

Matt Edlen grew up with those values of sustainability and urban design and is working to evolve those values to meet the needs of a new generation. At 26 he has worked both on the operations and development side, keenly focused on the cultivation and curation of community. He continues to push the agenda that space has the ability to transcend the physical to be a catalyst for great ideas and connections. In addition to his work with Gerding Edlen, he is cofounder of HUB/Portland, the Portland location for an internationally connected membership communities working to promote social entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability.

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