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Born and raised in Barcelona, Matias Corea graduated in Graphic Design from La Massana Art School. In the early years, he was very influenced by the omnipresence of electronic music in Barcelona. Working for multiple DJs and clubs, he found a canvas to explore the boundaries of graphic design and expression. This is where he developed an awareness of the crucial importance of the communication aspect of design. His studio space at this time was at his father’s architecture studio. There he found a love for architecture which strongly influenced him and brought an inherent order to his design work.

This geeky passion for organizing information found its home in New York.

Six year later, he continued to work on print design, but now he focused on interaction design. As Co-Founder and Chief Designer of Behance –a company dedicated to organizing the creative world, Matias led the brand identity and design of all Behance products– including the Behance Network, ProSite, The 99% Conference & Magazine, and Action Method, amongst others.

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