Márton Szentpéteri

Hosted at Toldi Cinema and Café

About the speaker

Intellectual historian, associate professor of design culture at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest.

Additional details

The speaker will explore the tantalizing dilemma of contemporary product design still driven by planned obsolescence in the era of the annoying overload of sustainability discourses. In doing so he will shed more light on inherent contradictions in such fashionable buzzwords as ‘design for sustainability’, ‘green design’ or ‘eco-friendly design’. Notwithstanding his critical approach in the first half of his talk, he intends to highlight a rather optimistic conceptual framework for a truly inclusive and sustainable design culture during the rest of his speech. Being an intellectual historian, Márton Szentpéteri is going to take his examples from a very rich virtual thesaurus of early modern and modern cultural artefacts that he collected during his studies in Wolfenbüttel (Germany), Naples (Italy), Wassenaar (Netherlands) and Oxford (United Kingdom).