The World’s First One-Person Restaurant

Marina shares her thoughts on how important it is to sometimes go minimal: to disconnect and enjoy one’s own company.

About the speaker

Starting as a corporate lawyer, Marina van Goor switched careers after studying design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. Under the name studio MVG/CA, she works as a strategic designer on projects that focus on current issues. Through her work, she aims to reveal deeply rooted structures and ways of thinking that influence society and organizations - her designs are meant to make you think. She brings different fields, like academia, business and the creative industry, together to create cross-disciplinary work.

Marina develops concepts and then chooses a fitting format to bring them to life, whether that’s a film, an installation, a piece of furniture or even a company. At CreativeMornings, Marina will talk about one of her latest projects, EENMAAL, the worlds first one-person restaurant. It’s a pop-up restaurant where you come as one, sit as one and eat as one in an attractive public space for temporary disconnection. After several EENMAAL occasions in Amsterdam, the restaurant plans to pop-up in cities across the globe later this year.

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