Kaizen ~ a Magical Method for Multi-Passionate Creatives!

May 1, 12:00pm - 1:30pm EDT. Hosted at FieldTrips on Zoom

About this FieldTrip

Do you find potential in everything? Do you have notebooks filled with ideas? Do you have about a million creative projects, passions and pursuits tugging at your heart and whirling around your mind?

Then you, my friend, are a multi-passionate creative!

In this interactive workshop you’ll learn how to harness the power of Kaizen ~ a Japanese concept that means “small steps to continuous improvement” to bring clarity to your creative dreams.

Master creativity coach, Jill Allison Bryan, will lead you through a process that will help you set yourself up to take consistent inspired action on your creative projects.

Rather than feeling overwhelmed by your many ideas and passions, you’ll have a method to dive in and enjoy focus and follow-through and the joy of creating from a place of empowered peace of mind again and again.