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In the fight to protect marine environments, individual actions can feel incredibly insignificant, and the vastness of the issues we’re facing can be overwhelming. In this talk, mother and son team Libby and Miles give us hope. They share the story of how a kid’s love for the ocean shifted his mom’s life-long perspective on ocean advocacy and catalyzed a business that’s inspiring others to take action. Representing separate generations working for a common cause, they give us some tangible ways to do better by our water and tell us why they are optimistic about our oceans.

About the speaker

Miles Fetherston-Resch is a six-year-old entrepreneur. After watching Shark Week, he was troubled by how we treat our oceans and the creatures that live in them. With the help of his moms, he started Kids Saving Oceans, the first conservation lifestyle brand for kids (and adult allies), by a kid.

His mom, Libby, is the Program Director for a marine research grants program housed at the Florida Institute of Oceanography. She spent eleven years working on the conservation of marine fish, wildlife, and habitats in the Southeast US. She directed Ocean Conservancy’s regional fish conservation program work and, after the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster, worked on their Gulf Restoration Program team as the marine restoration strategist, turning a passion for ocean policy and marine resource management into actionable plans for population recovery.

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