The word broken has a negative connotation. Let’s fix that and flip it to the positive.

Leo Yip is well versed on the concept of broken. He enjoys breaking things apart and putting them back together again. In fact, he does it so well, he’s turned it into his career: the art of studying an items function, analysing its moving parts, and then re-designing and re-building it better than it was before.

Growing up with Run DMC and a skateboard in the no-rules generation of the 90’s, Leo broke his path towards medicine to pursue his love for all things design. In his talk, Leo shares some of the ways in which he considers ‘broken’ to be opportunistic. For Leo, when something is broken it is not necessarily damaged or fractal, but rather not functioning properly - and needing a fix. Leo shares his passion for all things broken through his work, where he collaborates with his co-workers, clients and students to find creative solves.

About the speaker

Born in Adelaide in 1984 to immigrant parents from Hong Kong Leo grew up playing with Lego, cardboard, masking tape and anything else he could get his hands onto to create whatever his imagination allowed him to conceive. Moving to sunny Brisbane in 1997 Leo spent the majority of his youth skating, getting up to no good with his no-gooder mates and secretly studying at night like all good asian kids.

Fast forward to 2007 and Leo manages to convince his friends and family to let him buy a motorcycle. This purchase was the catalyst to further fuel Leo’s passion for all things automotive. The combination of style, expression, function and freedom captured all of Leo’s senses and he has been hypnotised ever since. As an outlet for this creative expression Leo along with his business partner Steve Barry started Ellaspede in 2011, a custom motorcycle shop that embraces all that is motorcycling. Located in West End the Ellaspede crew design, create, manufacture and sell their motorcycles, hard parts and apparel to a world wide audience.

‘Remember if you ain’t haven’t a good time, you are wasting your time’ - Rizza, WuTang Clan

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