Learn to Love your Sensitivity Workshop + Guided Meditation with Sara Shirley

September 23, 10:00am - 11:30am EDT.

About this FieldTrip

Let’s be real: being highly sensitive is a challenge living in this modern world. Fast-paced living, all the noise, being expected to be on call all the time, the EMFs… none of these things were created with sensitives in mind.

Creatives are often highly sensitive; being able to tune into the subtleties of the world around us. The beauty and the pain.

In this FieldTrip, we’ll explore the challenges, and most importantly, the GIFTS of being highly sensitive and some strategies to help you thrive more as a sensitive person.

Please note: “sensitive” is used in this sense as being very perceptive to stimulation (like sound, smells, tastes, energies, etc.). It does not refer to being emotionally sensitive (ie. getting hurt/offended easily by someone’s comments).

During the session, you’ll be guided through a meditation, to help you love yourself more as the amazing, sensitive person that you are!

If you consider yourself sensitive and want to help others through the work you do, this session could help really boost your confidence about your gifts.

About your Host
Sara is an intuitive empath, spiritual healer and is deeply connected to Mother Earth. She loves to dance, play, and treat life like a ceremony.

She’s also a Reiki Master and spiritual teacher, and uses her intuitive abilities to help her clients create transformation in their lives by offering an online program for women to step more into their spirituality, rock their divine purpose and Serve.