Learn to Draw Your Emotions

September 29, 6:00pm - 7:30pm EDT.

About this FieldTrip

I believe art has the ability to show us what we couldn’t otherwise see.

During this 90-minute workshop, I will lead you through several interactive exercises that will encourage you to draw your emotions. I call this process “creative reflection” which is the art of mindfully introspecting our inner lives and expressing it to the world.

This workshop is meant to help you get out of your head and into your heart.

We will approach art-making with playfulness and also a deep curiosity which will help us to navigate our own emotions.

You will leave this workshop feeling more connected to yourself and have a renewed appreciation of how art can be part of our own emotional healing process. This introduction to creative reflection will hopefully inspire you to not only understand your own emotions better but express them visually.

What art materials will you need?
- Mixed media paper or some kind of heavier cardstock paper
- Something to color or draw with (I recommend watercolors)
- Pencil and pens

Who is this workshop for?
- Anyone interested in art making
- Anyone intimidating in art making
- Those who feel they aren’t “good enough” to make art
- For anyone looking to use art as a tool for healing and self-reflection
- For those interested in understanding their emotions better
- For those who want to relax, play, and have fun

About your Host
My name is Rukmini Poddar and my passion lies at the intersection of mental wellness and creative storytelling. I help people to understand and express their emotions through my artwork.

Over the past 5 years, I have drawn over 500 illustrations inspired by my personal reflections and attempts to understand my emotional world. The process of creative reflection has transformed me. By intentionally drawing my inner world, I have been able to find my voice, understand myself better, and create deeper meaning and connections in my life.

You can see my work at dearruksi.com or @rockinruksi on Instagram.