Use ‘Non Linear Inquiry’ to Build a Personal Collection at a Hidden Library in Brooklyn

December 2, 12:00pm - 2:00pm EST. Hosted at Sorted Library (DUMBO)

About this FieldTrip

Back by popular demand! The second edition of this completely unique, slightly mind bending, adventure of an experience in alternative inquiry.

One past attendee called it a “Great personal mission and perspective shifter” and another said, “Non linear creative thinking is infectious and can turn any creative project into a playful process”.

Learn about creativity and non linear inquiry. Then create collections at the Sorted Library that will be featured on the Instagram page as well as potentially in an upcoming book.

We run a non-circulating reading room that is organized in small collections made by our members. The act of organizing the library in collections offers an alternative way of engaging and discovering books within a small space.

Our current 3000 book reading room in New York is a scale model of our future vision– an institution that is home to dozens of reading rooms each containing a copy of a personal library of an important 21st century thinker, organized using the same collection-based methodology.

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