Laura Reiss shares lessons learned from moving to a new city and channeling personal chaos into a force for good.

Last month, we met up at the Mizner Park Cultural Center, Boca’s best-kept secret. The theme was Chaos. The takeaway, Kindness. Laura Reiss, founder of The Samaritans365 Foundation, shared lessons learned from moving to a new city and channeling personal chaos into a force for good. Offering tools from her “Kindness Matters” arsenal, Laura outfitted us with inspiration and ideas to practice gratitude, compassion and kindness.

About the speaker

Laura Reiss is the creator of Kindness Matters 365 and The Samaritans365 Foundation.

Back in 2007, Laura Reiss conceived the program upon which The Samaritans365 Foundation was built. Her passion to “give back” and inspire others to do the same was seeded by her kind parents, and fueled by her commitment to raise her own three young children with the values of compassion, gratitude, and kindness.

In 2008, Laura started a “Kindness” program at Sunrise Park Elementary in Boca Raton, FL, as a free, after-school club with 35 children. She spoke with the children about gratitude, being truly happy for who they were and what they had. They talked about a day when everyone is simply kind to each other; about a new generation of kind-minded humans; about being able to create that world through our own kind actions and inspiring others to do the same as Samaritans, 365 days a year… “Samaritans365”.

This beautiful concept and the results of each meeting were so profound, it quickly developed to a monthly program with an interactive, inspirational, effective format.

Join us on 9/21 to hear Laura tell her story of building the Kindness Matters 365 movement and the impact it’s creating for our community.

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