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“His friends and grandkids call him ‘Bobo.’ Others have called him a madman, a genius and their very own 'spiritual sherpa.’

He’s a cultural entrepreneur, a community strategist, a theologian and a master of hospitality and good conversation. He is also Cincinnati’s very own patron saint of espresso, and you might not even know his name.

Larry Bourgeois was almost a commercial pilot just like his father, but now he flies only for fun. He could have stuck it out in the book business or opened another coffeehouse, but he admits, 'I’ve never been very good at making money,’ as if he reconciled the fact long ago.

At one point, he even considered becoming a minister, but he didn’t fit neatly in the Church’s structure. Instead, his career path has brought him around the world, across the country and eventually to Cincinnati, where Bourgeois holds a relatively quiet position of both local and national influence in the specialty coffee industry and the culture of 'third places.’”

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