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“The Commodity of Being Weird”

What do YOU consider to be WEIRD? Explore how being WEIRD is not only a lifestyle, but one that make us question the world around us.

Knate Higgins does weird well. Born and raised right outside of Portland Maine, Higgins started his career as a producing artist at the age of 15 working with The Movies on Exchange street by reviving “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. Since that cinematic moment, Knate found a niche (and passion) within his community to create events and safe spaces for people to be…well…“weird”.

Higgins is now the creative director, and general manager of Deadwick’s Ethereal Emporium (the Seacoast’s largest metaphysical and curiosity shoppe) and the Volunteer Special Series Curator for Seacoast Repertory Theatre. Higgins continues to produce series and experiences for his community at large. Higgins is the brainchild behind some of the Seacoast’s most beloved events such as “I Could Just Diary”, “Let’s B Reel”, “Midsummer Night Queens” and “Eat It Up: Food Talks”

In addition to his producing efforts, Higgins is also the body behind Bunny Wonderland, the Seacoast’s most celebrated drag queen. In a small community that is ever growing by landscape and gentrification, Higgins has made his artistic mantra to “Keep Portsmouth Weird”

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