Khoi Vinh shares some of his earliest work and knowledge gleaned.

Khoi’s talk was amusing, insightful and honest. He was talking about the fact that everything he knows about design he learned in the 90s. He took a look at how his designer’s early attitudes and assumptions about how design works have weathered the past fifteen years, for better or worse. He showed us some of his early works, that made him cringe and made us all feel better knowing, that he wasn’t just born with his beautiful amazing design sense. We all have to work hard for it, don’t we? One of his last slides sums up his major talking points:

  1. Tell The Truth
  2. Understand the problem
  3. Don’t Skimp
  4. Fads are bad
  5. Let things be what they are
  6. A little bit of self-delusion goes a long way

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