Former Chief Operating Officer and first employee at CreativeMornings shares his story and the tools required to build a thriving global creative community.

About the speaker

Kevin was the first employee at CreativeMornings. Starting when there were monthly events in just four cities, he led the team at headquarters as COO to scale CreativeMornings to 105 chapters across 44 countries until he left the organization in March 2015. After saying goodbye, Kevin literally couch-surfed around the world by staying with dozens of CreativeMornings organizers.

Today, Kevin is the Head of Growth at Classcraft, an education startup that’s helping teachers transform their classroom into an immersive role-playing game. He previously produced The Feast conference in New York and continues to create a hodgepodge of personal projects like a world tour of hundreds of disposable cameras and a website where you can ask Vin Diesel anything.

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    It seems to be an incredible conference !

    Luc Vienois