“Take a leap and the acrobat will appear.”

Travel can test any relationship. Kelly and Jefe Greenheart started their relationship by embarking on a seven month adventure through South America in some of the roughest conditions imaginable. But this talk is about more than just relationships, it is about perseverance and finding the courage to let your passion be your guide. As successful business partners and committed life partners, Kelly and Jefe share invaluable insights and tips on how to live your best life.

About the speaker

Together, the Greenhearts are the married co-founders of CIRCUS PICNIC entertainment studio—a fantastical brand rooted in capturing and creating magical moments. Backed by a wildly creative team, they develop video content that launches major movements, and immersive experiences that elevate events with a sense of wonder. They literally ran away with the circus, weaving their lives together in all things love, business, and inspiration for almost a decade.

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Take a leap and the acrobat will appear. If you dare to swing on that trapeze, on the other side you’ll find that collaborator that will just take you by the hands and pull you toward new playful possibilities. — Kelly & Jefe Greenheart

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