At the April CreativeMornings/Melbourne, Kate Kendall offered up ten tips and thoughts on things she had learned in creating The Fetch, a biweekly email digest of relevant events, news, jobs, local profiles and must-reads about your community. Here they are:

Ten Lessons From the Journey to Global Growth

  1. Work is life and life is work.

  2. Boost creativity by being agile.

  3. Remove comforts and define yourself then.

  4. “The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.“ - Jessica Hische

  5. Do more using Lean Startup Methodology

  6. Understand why people care in a sea of noise

  7. Hire slow, fire fast — including yourself

  8. Know the places of “coffees”

  9. Beware of energy vampires

  10. Social media is fake!

About the speaker

Kate Kendall is a digital marketing and community strategist turned entrepreneur. She’s the founder and CEO of The Fetch – a place for professionals to share and discover what’s happening in their city. Launched out of Melbourne mid-2011 as a fortnightly email digest, The Fetch is now in eight cities around the globe and growing.

In 2009, Kate also created one of my Melbourne’s largest groups: the Socialmelb community. The weekly conversational breakfast gatherings are renowned for facilitating discussion across industry and are a catalyst for collaboration, idea generation and knowledge transfer.

She started out as a journalist and editor at Marketing magazine before moving to become digital director of a magazine publishing company looking after development, product and growth on sites like Desktop and Macworld magazines. She’s held senior roles in publishing, travel and startup companies and consulted to Dumbo Feather and The Conversation.

She grew up in the UK and Australia, and has recently divided her time between Melbourne and San Francisco. She’s familiar with the Australian, European and US markets and has a deep knowledge of city-level startup, creative and tech initiatives.

She has been named one of the Top 100 Influential People of 2011 by The Age Melbourne Magazine and one of Top 20 Young Professionals to Watch 2012 by Brazen Careerist, and has one of the rare blue verified ticks on Twitter.

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