Kate has spent the majority of her life making and collaborating and she will be talking to us about surviving life as a creative person through her own experiences.

About the speaker

There are lots of people that create content but Kate Berry actually lives it. She has spent the majority of her life making and collaborating, whether working as creative lead in agencies in Melbourne, Sydney and London, photographing for Frankie, Smith Journal, Spaces, Yen and Murdoch Books or designing for brands large and small. Kate once even built, ran and sold a successful Melbourne cafe with her best mate. She is part doer, part dreamer who gets good shit done. Having spent many years experimenting in the kitchen, Kate’s love of food, design and photography collided when her family-focused blog, Lunch Lady, was turned into a magazine. She is now looking for the next project that can encompass her experience and use her skill for creating with warmth, informed practicality and a keen eye for authentic beauty.

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I threw myself into a totally new role at the age of 40 was, to say the least, very humbling. All of a sudden I had to find myself asking for help, saying I didn't know how to do things, and crying a lot. — Kate Berry

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    Me as a victorian ghost

    Im at a similar stage referred to in the quote shared by Paul Jun - to the point where (being new to this site and a career changer) I don't know how to follow Kate on this website? xD Any basic advice on where the 'follow' button might be, gratefully received. This looks like such a wonderful site :) Thank you, Therese

    Therese Ballantine