Kai Brach on rebelling against the ephemeral web, with lasting print.

Founder of Offscreen Magazine, Kai Brach speaks about his inspiration and aspiration for doing a reverse-switcheroo from new to old media. After a pivotal moment staring at his Finder window, Kai realized that everything he made in the last several years could easily be deleted—wiped from the face of the world—with the click of a mouse. He knew that he wanted to create something tangible and long-lasting, that he could give to others.

If your job and life evolves around glaring at screens for 10 hours a day and you keep telling your newspaper-reading parents ‘print is dead’, this talk is for you.

About the speaker

Kai was a web designer of ten years before becoming a publisher of a print magazine. He is the Editor-in-Chief-slash-Publisher of the print publication Offscreen which explores the life and the work of people who use the internet and technology to be creative, solve problems, and build successful businesses. He resides in Melbourne and periodically in Berlin.

When Kai is not feeding the online companion of Offscreen with interesting nuggets about his life as an indie publisher, he tweets @kaibrach and generally keeps tabs on what’s happening in the web industry.

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