Just Pick Up A Pen: Calligraphy 101 with Doris Füllgrabe

Hosted at Friends Work Here

About this FieldTrip

The only thing more mesmerizing than scrolling through videos of calligraphy on Instagram is picking up a pen and doing it yourself.

Handwriting not only sparks creative thinking and helps organize ideas, it has the same calming effect on the brain as meditation.

Even - especially - if you think your handwriting is “bad”, this 90-minute FieldTrip is an invitation to unplug, relax, and learn how to write with beauty and intention.

In this abbreviated beginners workshop, you’ll learn how to prepare your nibs and use a dip pen and ink. We’ll practice lower and uppercase alphabets and you’ll walk out with a basic understanding of cursive letterforms and calligraphy.

The materials are included and yours to keep!

Can’t make this FieldTrip or just can’t get enough? Check out Doris’ paid workshops on 8/18 & 9/8.

They’re back! We’re excited to share that FieldTrips are coming back to CreativeMornings/NewYork in partnership with Adobe. You can apply to host a FieldTrip here.

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