Jos Cozijnsen believes that fashion can be made in a safe, clean and beautiful way.

About the speaker

I grew up in a religious family with many rules to break. That became the rule to live by, always break rules if you need to.

Now I am a lawyer and I realize now there are no rules for being a lawyer. The only thing I do is getting in touch with people. Being authentic and transparent. Always see what’s behind those people, where they come from. But also show where I come from and what drives me.

I worked as a legal advisor helping poor people with everyday problems, people in jail, people with no rights. That is where I learned how having rights can empower people.

These days I work on climate issues, the biggest global longterm problem we face. Tackling climate issues is technically and financially achievable. But who is going to start? We learned that tough top-down climate rules don’t help to get a grip, so now we try a bottom-up approach, and shine transparency on actions and problems

I also work on ethical, sustainable fashion through my webshop Goodfibrations. There are so many social and environmental problems in fashion to solve. But those can only be solved with transparency. The global organization Fashion Revolution and the hashtag #whomademyclothes? Helps us to get in touch with the makers of our clothes.

This CreativeMornings I will talk about Fashion Revolution and transparency.

More about Jos: Goodfibrations Emissierechten of Fashion Revolution

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