Jordan Axani

Hosted at Design Exchange

part of a series on Anxiety

About the speaker

Jordan helps leaders feel safe to be themselves.

He’s a Partner at The Shift Collab, a therapy and mental health education practice that’s based in Toronto.

He has worked with Fortune 1000 companies, top universities, startups and national governments to help them develop strategies and programs that use authenticity to increase psychological safety. He was educated at the Royal Military College of Canada in Conflict Negotiation before studying Integrated Design Strategy at the Institute Without Boundaries and Rapid Prototyping at FactoryX, a think tank started by Google executives.

However, he’s best known for offering a plane ticket to anyone with the same name as his ex-girlfriend… a dare that went horribly wrong.

Using the heightened lessons from virality and his own breakdown, Jordan created “What’s Your Big Lie?”, a mental health program that uses anonymous technology that was launched with the RCMP in 2016 and now has over 200,000 participants across North America.

In a nutshell, Jordan has a knack for getting people to share their deepest pains to help them see that they are far from alone. Because then, and only then, can we feel safe to be who we are.

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