Jonny is an artist, a father, a teacher. Jonny is deaf.

Jonny talks about how creating ‘Louder Is Not Always Clearer’ has helped to share his story of being a deaf man in a hearing world.

About the speaker

Jonny obtained his BA in Fine Art in 1993 at Coventry University and then he went on to get his MA in ‘Design and Digital Media’. Ten years later he decided to become a secondary school teacher. He obtained a PGCE in Art & Design in 2012 and taught in various schools across South Wales.

Jonny is now a freelance Artist, Facilitator and a Deaf Consultant in the Arts.

Jonny is also a performer. He describes his practice as exploring communication and challenging perceptions on how we connect and/or disconnect with others. As a deaf artist, one of Jonny’s key aims is to create a shared understanding without words. Jonny is now working toward his first solo show called ‘Louder Is Not Always Clearer’ which will be touring several venues across Wales from February 2018.

Jonny has facilitated many inclusive drama workshops for young people with and without disabilities, developing performances without the use of words and he is continually exploring new ways to express his creativity and learning new skills.

Jonny supports and enables deaf and disabled people to access the Arts through education and engagement; believing everything should be inclusive and accessible by supporting people with disabilities to overcome those barriers. Jonny is an advocate for change within the Arts in Wales, challenging the prejudices and judgement of people with disabilities within the Arts. Among other things he has set up Sherman Deaf Theatre and supported Jukebox Collective in setting up their Deaf Dance group - the first in Wales.

Earlier this year, Jonny became co-partners with DAC (Disability Arts Cymru) and Rachel Kinchin (freelance marketing) to develop a creative toolkit for venues and theatre companies for D/deaf Audiences that was funded by ACW.

Jonny has been nominated to be a trustee for DAC and looking forward to build stronger relationships with them.

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